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Best E-Learning Bloggers & Blog Posts (Apr 11, 2010 to Apr 17, 2010) April 20, 2010

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We are pleased to announce the best e-learning bloggers and blog posts of the previous week (Apr 11, 2010 to Apr 17, 2010).

Best Bloggers of the Week

The “Best E-Learning Bloggers of the Week” are:

Best Blog Posts of the Week

The “Best E-Learning Blog Posts of the Week” are:

Here are the aspects we look into a blogger or a blog post when selecting the above list.

Congratulations winners!


1. Avi - April 22, 2010

Hey Shrini..good to see your name flashing…Congrats

2. srilakshmi - April 23, 2010

Congrats Shrini.. Great going… Hoping to see more informative blogs. Also, next time, we will be more glad to see your name in the top 3 bloggers… All the best…